Alcohol Faq

Alcohol Faq

Common Questions to Fluid use in the Systems

1. Where can I buy methanol?

This depends upon which fluid you are using. If wanting a 50/50 mix, most of the alcohol injection manufacturers sell their own brand of fluid. This is usually very costly but convenient. If you want a 30% methanol/70% water, many washer fluids are available. Just be sure there are no detergents in the fluid as this is not good to put through your engine.
If you want to go straight to the good stuff, 99.9% pure (or M1 as it’s called) is available at most power sports stores(motorcycle/boat/PWC stores). You can also check speed shops and engine rebuilding shops in your area. Another good place to look is the car forum for your make of vehicle. They usually have a list of retailers. If all else fails, send us an email and we’ll try to help you find one. Please read item #4 for containers.

2. Is all methanol the same?

No. With the Aquamist systems you want to have pure(99.9%) methanol, sometimes called M1. Other grades of methanol are made that have lubricants added in for alcohol drag racing and some have nitro methane mixed in. These substances will cause problems with your system that may not be covered under warranty.

3. Do I need to do anything special to the methanol before use?

No. Actually the 99.9% methanol is much cleaner than the water you would put through the system. As long as the container is clean and sealed, the methanol is fine. As for the water you may mix with it, that’s another story.

4. Can I put methanol in a gas can or other container?

Maybe. Only use new/perfectly clean containers for your methanol. For example, gasoline is a hydrocarbon, with very different properties to alcohols(methanol, ethanol, etc.). If you put methanol in a used gasoline can no matter how clean or dry you may think it is, the methanol will absorb the hydrocarbon residue and pump it through the system. This will swell seals and cause you many issues with your injection system.

5. How to check methanol for contaminants.

Methanol is colorless, check the contents under daylight and not filament lamps. Put a few drops into a clean glass of water and watch carefully for change in transparency as it disperses. The transition from “clear to cloudy” and “back to clear” is very quick, so pay attention. If it gets cloudy, it has contaminants.

6. How long does methanol keep?

Methanol, when stored properly, will store for months or longer. Even if it is exposed to air, it may absorb a few percent of water which, in most cases, will not affect the operation of the system nor most tunes.