CTS-V Power
Rear meats strained to hold the 700hp LS motor.
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BMW E39 M5
A customers beautiful M5 we built a custom trunk mount fuel cell system for.
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2012 CTS-V
Aquamist gauge mounted in place of the analog clock in the center console
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Ford Focus RS
Customer car from Australia. 5 cylinders and 382hp make for a wild ride in this unbelievable machine.
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E39 System #2
Closeup of the aircraft cap and gauge used in E39 Tank #2
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A good setup and Aquamist methanol system equals a 1:58 Buttonwillow time.
1010 250 #000000#FFFFFF
2012 CTS-V
A pulley change and HFS-4 nets this Caddy 625whp
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Viper Tank Logo
Custom laser cutout of Viper logo in tank shell.
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Howerton Engineering Motorcycle Injection System

The Howerton Engineering Motorcycle Water/Methanol Injection System is designed to be a very small and versatile system.  The system consists of a small pump and controller module.  This system is a Progressive Pump Speed System, which means that the injection rate is controlled by changing the speed of the pump, not a PWM valve.   While we prefer the PWM valve method of injection, this unit is extremely small and capable.

The system can read either injector duty cycle or a 0-5V signal, typical of a MAP sensor, and some MAF sensors, to control the injection rate.  The controller has a Threshold, or starting point adjustment, and Gain function for changing the ramp of the injection curve.  The controller also has 3 LED lights to annunciate power, injection, and maximum spray amount reached.  There is a convenient on/off button  on the controller as well.

There are only 3 wires to hookup to the vehicle: 12V power(red), ground(black), and either the IDC or 0-5v signal(blue).  The system comes with the pump, controller, posi-taps for tapping the 3 connections, and an inline fuse.  Mechanically, the system includes a tank adapter, filter and compression fitting for the inlet hose.  It also includes a jet adapter and two jets of your choice along with  the inlet and outlet hose.

For a nice compact system this is one unit you should consider.

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