MINI Cooper

The MINI Cooper is one of our specialties, having performed extensive datalogging, dyno testing, and receiving race vehicle, tuner and customer feedback over the years to refine the kits for all models of MINI’s.  While we have put nearly every type of Aquamist kit on every vehicle, some kits are better suited to certain models than others.  The DI cars, starting with the R56 and going through current day models, really benefits from the features of the HFS-4 with it’s multiple DI specific inputs.  Conversely, the R53 does just fine with the HFS-3 with is standard injectors and PD supercharger.  That not to say you could use the HFS-3 on a DI car, you’d loose some of the mapping refinement of the HFS-4, but it would work.  And you could use the HFS-4 on an R53, but some of the features would go unused.

With the MINI specific kits, we modify the controllers, modify wiring harnesses and other things to make the install easier.  We also add some parts specific to each kit to make sure the system performs it should.  These items were all learned through installation feedback, and while they do add to the cost of the kits, the kits are easier to install and perform exceptionally well.

Full color install manuals are also supplied with the R53 and R56 kits.  Most of the current models can use the R56 kit without issue.

We have built many tank systems for the MINI, from simple plastic tanks, to our purpose built MINI tank, to full race fuel cells.  We offer left and right hand MINI tanks, for the back of the R53 and R56.  We have put our Twin Tank as well as a modified version of our CTS-V tank in the Clubman.


MINI Tank Images