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Aquamist HFS-4 V3.1

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Aquamist HFS-4


The Aquamist HFS-4 is now at revision 3.1.

The Aquamist HFS-4 is now at version 3.1. The V3.1 upgrade added jumper settings to change the Pre-amp on the board for DI applications and bigger injectors, the pre-amp no longer needs soldering for changing. Revision 3 added new auxiliary failsafe inputs to the system, including a wideband input as well as IAT input.

The HFS-4 is suited for Direct Injection applications with its multiple inputs to properly map the engines load in Direct Injected cars. These inputs include the fuel injectors, the MAP sensor, and the high pressure fuel rail signal. Other specialized items were added such as EGT input for additional injection compensation elevated EGT’s. Please consult the factory for more information at

The HFS-4 uses a constant pressure pump and PWM injection valve for precise metering of the fluid into the intake track. This ensures precise injection in relation to load ensuring crisp response across partial and full throttle loads and no over run on throttle lifting. The HFS-4 also includes a proprietary and specialized flow based failsafe system to ensure the ultimate in safety protection for you engine.

The kit comes complete with everything needed except for a tank. All hoses, a tank adapter and tank filter, as well as a tank level sensor are included.

Red or Blue gauge colors available.

You can calculate the jetting options based on this info Calculating Jetting

A link to the Manual is here: HFS-4 V3.1 Manual.

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