Aquamist Fast Acting Valve


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Aquamist FAV


Aquamist FAV (Fast Acting Valve).  Same as used in the HFS-4/3/2. The 239B is rated at 1300cc but flows 1500cc nominally, uses 12V actuation.

The Aquamist FAV can also can used as a replacement for the High Speed Valve in the HFS-5.  The HSV used in the HFS-5 was rated at 1200cc.

Of the 3 pins on the solenoid, only the two parallel are used. Polarity does not matter.

If a higher flow rate is required the 806-239 valve was rated to 1500cc, but would generally flow 1700-1800cc in practice.  Available by special order.

Only use clean water and 99.9% pure methanol with this valve. Any petroleum product, i.e. oil, lubricant, nitro-methane, etc. will damage the valve. Use only clean containers, even funnels that have come in contact with an oil or lubricant substance will cause damage to the valve.

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